Three Unrelated Thoughts. And a Bonus Fourth.

1. I am now the proud possessor of about 1/2 lb of chestnuts, officially roasted over an open fire, by me and various kids. We ate some. Thoughts? If we reheat them in an oven, do we have to change the song?

2. I can now, finally, begin opening holiday cards–because I finally ordered ours. Yesterday. I find that the guilt about not mailing them comes later.

3. I bought Lily (7) the BEST PRESENT EVER. I love it when I come up with something a person never thought to ask for, but totally would want if he/she had. It’s that cupcake maker thing, and a $6 hand mixer she can get out and use and wash herself. Gonna add some cake mixes and sprinkles and frosting mixes and she will be thrilled to pieces. She is getting the best stuff this year.

4. Kitten update: I’ve gone with a slightly older kitten (nearly five months), to arrive after Christmas (well, we have to drive down to get her). I’m hoping for an easier transition to cat-parenthood than with the teeny weeny teeny tiny model. But I’m a little regretful over it.

2 Responses to “Three Unrelated Thoughts. And a Bonus Fourth.”

  1. Elle Bee says:

    Just read your post on motherlode!! Congrats!!! I still know you as Lola granola ,and excited to read your posts on nyt

  2. Jess says:

    I get “New Year Cards.”

    You’ll get yours after the holidays.

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