New Family Members

New Family Members

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The lady I got our kitten from assured me, a novice cat owner, that all kittens come with a free companion poodle.

In retrospect I can see that this must not be true, but here we are. So far, it’s the calmest transition our house has ever seen… but then, we’ve been through some doozies.

2 Responses to “New Family Members”

  1. Gynn says:

    The number one thing you need to know about cats is this: They do not understand consequences. They can’t comprehend discipline. Cats have no empathy. If you start thinking your cat is showing signs of empathy, forget it. It just wants food.

    If the cat does something you don’t want it to do, like do its business outside the litter box or shred the sofa or jump up on the counter looking for food, don’t punish it. Instead, change the way you do things until the cat cooperates of its own accord. Add more litter boxes with different litter; put a couch cover on the sofa; wipe the food off the counter sooner. Some people will recommend a spray bottle to chase your cat away from places it shouldn’t be; I believe that spray bottles should be a last resort, and that prevention is more effective and makes everyone happier. I’m also a big proponent of adding more litter boxes when you’re trying to figure out what configuration of litter your cat likes best. Changing the same box over and over traumatizes the cat, and it will find somewhere else more stable to poop.

    My second word of advice is if you run into a problem, ask someone! Cat behavior experts are a dime a dozen. You shouldn’t have to solve every cat problem by yourself.

    Have fun!

  2. WrittenPyramids says:

    Awww. The puppy looks just like my dog. What size poodle is s/he?