Delicious Nutritious Chocolate Cereal Pretzel Mix Part 2 of 4

The ingredients and the caloric markup:

1 box Crispix: 1330 calories
2/3 box Wheat Chex 1100 36 g fiber
2/3 box Multi-grain Chex ditto
1 bag Spelt Pretzels 840 calories 38 g fiber

2 bags scharfenberger bittersweet choco baking chunks 680 calories 11g fiber (1360 22)
1 bag scharfenberger semisweet baking chunks 770 calories 11 g fiber
2 squares 280 calories 8 g fiber
Sea salt: caloric contribution negligible. But sprinkle liberally!

At a minimum I’ve got 60 servings here: 67800 calories divided by 60…that can’t be right. Ok, time to abandon doing the math in my head…no, I just got carried away with the zeroes. 6780. And a bonus couple grams of fiber every time.

70 calories. I could eat 70 calories worth of Tings just by walking past the pantry. This is relevant.

I would never have counted the calories, except that my friend Mimi seriously doubted the healthiness of my healthy nutritious good-for-me snack mix. Of course, Mimi doesn’t know what I’m up against. For that, read on:

KJ Dell’Antonia

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