Delicious Nutritious Chocolate Cereal Pretzel Mix Part 4

And, finally, the nutritious part. You must understand that one reason this is nutritious, and healthful, and a serious gift to myself, is simply that every night, right around this time, my stress wires fully fired, kids plowed into bed, evening of email ahead, determined to get a little down time, I sit down on the couch and plow whatever salty thing I can find it the cabinet into my mouth in large quantities. Tings are my greatest weakness, but I will take chips, sun chips, Cheetos, crackers…

Now, I’m genetically lucky, and I admit it. This activity isn’t great for my waistline, but my clothes still fit. But it isn’t good for me, I don’t feel good about it, and I really don’t want to do it–except, of course, at 9:00 every night. My general strategy is just not to purchase any of these things, since I mostly shop when I’m mentally stronger–but I do let the kids have chips, and sometimes, damn them, they pick stuff I like. Love. Can’t not eat.

There are Tings in the cabinet RIGHT NOW.

But this is the one thing that stops me. I like this stuff. If I can have this, I won’t eat Tings, at least not most of the time. And I only eat a little of this. It’s so good, so salty-sweet-perfect, that a little bowl does fine (as opposed to half a bag of Tings, and that’s on a good night.

So, tonight, my gift to me: a two-month supply of choco chex mix. Happy me, me!
KJ Dell’Antonia

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