Farewell, Mystery Twitter Dude (Plus, How to Have a Good Birthday Party)

My dad just alerted me to the fact that my Twitter widget was broadcasting someone else–I changed my handle, but not the widget code, a few weeks ago and apparently this is the inevitable result: whoops! He looked like he had a very interesting life and an entirely different twitter audience than me…

Today was Lily’s actual birthday, and I’m proud to say that after last year’s, which could have been used as the MTV video for “It’s My Birthday and I’ll Cry If I Want to,” we managed a small, successful party with only four guests (five if you count her sister). No more big, full family, siblings welcome parties for Lily until she’s much older.

Lily got two walkie talkies for her birthday, and they’re playing “walkie talkie hide and seek.” Unfortunately they seem to have told Rory to hide and then forgotten to find her…and the drama continues.

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