Illustrating Motherlode

An 8-year-old on an aimless Monday morning of summer break is a funny thing. Deprived of his easy weekend go-tos (wii, minecraft, TV) and not yet quite able to come up with alternatives (by weds we will be good, next Monday he’ll have forgotten again).

We went for illustrating the day’s Motherlode post, with the result that you get not one, but two today. I told him the player was faking the foul.

“No!” He said. “He’s really hurt.”

There’s a lot of faking in soccer, I said.

“I don’t want there to be any bad guys.”

You will notice he made his penalty kick.





One Response to “Illustrating Motherlode”

  1. brit says:

    creative! our kids are surprised by the lack of things to do each day (ie field trips, video games). i orchestrated an “art project” at the homeschool table today and it seemed they missed that table of structure as much as i did. everyone single one of them sat down, enthusiastic as to what i had planned. after placating my nerves reacting to every glitter spill and paint mess, we had ourselves a good hour of everyone’s-happy-semi-focused-entertainment. not too bad. happy summer!