Brilliant Things People I Know Have Said About Dwarfs

First, check out what Tish
has to say about the Seven Dwarfs of PMS. I particularly love the illustrations.
I’ll just take this as an excuse to segway into this child malapropism story, which I otherwise would have absolutely no reason to share:
Sam, at preschool one day last summer, handed me his project (a toilet paper roll creature) on the way to the car. I admired it, but dropped it (without realizing it) lifting him into his seat. “My door!” he screamed. “My door! My door!”
I was mystified. “Your what?”
“My DOOR!”
We went back and forth like a pair of stooges. He was sobbing and pointing to the ground when the little blue-painted object rolled out from under the car, and it all became clear. “Your dwarf?” I asked, handing it over. He nodded, and clutched it to his chest. “My door.”

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  1. buddhabelly says:

    I really really want to see what Tish said about the 7 dwarves of PMS but the link is broken. I keep coming back to try again. I guess I’ll try again tomorrow.

    Good thing you saved the DOOR before it got stepped on.. or slammed in the door! 🙂

  2. KJ says:

    Link repaired!

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