I Get to Go to a PARTY! (Two!)

When we were in NYC, we went out. All the time. Even after Sam was born, we went out after bedtime, we went out with a babysitter, we took him along. He’s slept under more bars than my friend the Hip Big Spender, back in his drinking days.

Now, we stay in. Some would blame this on the arrival of baby Lily and the growing up of Sam, but I think not. He was sleeping in his stroller in a restaurant/bar as recently as Christmas–when we were back in New York. No, the change is that people up here just don’t do that. FOr one thing, there’s no where to go. For another, they’re tired from their big days of mountain biking and cross country skiing.

Now, I have tried to adjust to this. I have. I have taken up both mountain biking (love those bouncy springs on the seat) and cross country skiing. I hike. I kayak. I have tried running. I AM making an effort.

But I would much rather get dressed up and go to a party. And for the next two weekends, I get to do just that. I have eight formal dresses, miscellaneous earrings, shoes and undergarments stacked in boxes in my closet, because I get to go to a black tie event next Saturday night, and I have nothing that a) fits and b) makes me feel good–so, a virtual shopping spree. I’m quite excited about it, actually. Cost me $30 in shipping, but a tank of gas to get to the mall 110 miles away (and back) would cost nearly as much, not to mention that if I actually went to the mall, odds are I’d come back with a few things besides a dress. So, a savings, really, and I get to try things on in the comfort of my own closet. It’s like opening a very small boutique, with everything in (theoretically) my size.
For tomorrow night’s event (this is the equivalent of a massive spring social whirl up here), I’ve managed something for that from things I already own (although I might work in a new pair of shoes…). I could also go out and buy some new earrings–oh, the glory, the excitement.

Getting ready may be more fun than either party.

I’m a little dismayed by all the “supportive” underclothes I’ve got to try–or rather, by the need for them. Somehow, my breasts and my stomach just aren’t what they once were. I think it’s highly unfair that formal dressed–and clothes in general–are so much cuter and slimmer than they were when I was in high school and actually was ridiculously thin. Sure, then we were wearing extra-large sweatshirts and sweaters and leggings. Now, when I’ve got something to cover up, I get no help at all. But hey, I get to go to two PARTIES! Let’s not lose sight of what’s important, here. Plus, I can drink champagne without keeping a sharp eye out for the chaperones.

Oh, I do believe these parties are for charity. Yeah. So, you know, I’m really only doing this for the…otters. or kids. or something. Yeah.

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740 Responses to “I Get to Go to a PARTY! (Two!)”

  1. JK says:

    KJ gets to play dress up. I’m only teasing b/c I’m envious. The last time I got to play dress up was my work’s Holiday party, but that didn’t involve a shopping trip (real or virtual).