Not Quite the O.C.

A complete confession–I really like it when Jetta gets what she deserves. I mean, she’s so snooty, and even her dog is snooty, and it’s just somehow satisfying to see her learn her lesson every ten minutes (although if she’d really learned her lesson, she wouldn’t have to relearn it every day, would she?
Also, I finally saw the one where they introduce Enrique, and it explained a lot, although I’d still like to know why the one dragon in the wheelchair who says he can’t walk doesn’t just fly…and is it just me, or did Mrs. Pepper’s baby gestate for an unnaturally long time? Of course, I don’t really know anything about the reproductive habits of the domestic spice, so I suppose I’m in no position to say.

I think I may be letting Sam watch just a little too much TV…one of us is having some trouble handling it.teen movies xxxtop movie scenes nudexxx zoo movies2 movie avpmovie come undoneattraction movie fatalfucking free ass moviesbooty free movies big Map

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  1. JK says:

    I only got the Jetta reference. If you start to discuss James and Gordon and their tiffs, I’m right there with you though. It seems like their they are always getting rewarded when they do something wrong and then fix it. It’s annoying… It was their fault in the first place, why do they get the reward?! I guess, I have one on you, Razz-a-roo says, “Yes, Yes, Yes.” No Natalie does. Very annoying.