On Toys and Plane Travel, Among Other Things

Sam was helpless in the face of the dogs. They’d knock him over, take his food, and kick sand in his face for good measure. Lily is already trying to whack them in the nose if they come anywhere near her when she’s eating something–or, like tonight, biting pieces off of a cucumber and then spitting them out. I never said she wasn’t weird, just that she’s assertive.
Sam built some sort of bridge out of plastic wine glasses tonight, and Lily wanted to help, so she’d take a wine glass, and he’d cry, or snatch it back, and she’d take another one, and he’d cry. She just sort of sat there and looked at him. It didn’t bother her for him to snatch it back, and she certainly didn’t get the crying, but eventually she gave it back and he sniffled “Thank you, Lily.” Then he made a train out of a Saran Wrap box, and she used the carboard tube part for a horn. Why do I buy them toys?
Two airplane legs to get us back from Wisconsin, about an hour and a half each, which means one is my problem and the other is hopefully down to the DVD player (although Sam has been known to say, after five minutes, “I’m done.”) I brought too much stuff. Not because we didn’t mess with it all–we did, all except the books, because I didn’t feel like reading out loud (ironic, yes?). But we didn’t really need to. Sam, at least, could suck it up and play with the same thing for a lot longer if there wasn’t anything else. Lily needs distraction, she’s too young to pretend or for things to keep her attention for long–but she had me, which meant she didn’t need much else. I think I’m still packing for some hypothetical plane ride in which they amuse themselves the whole time and I read a book. I used to believe in that. Now I’ve conceded–it doesn’t even bother me to dance and sing for an hour and a half–so I could probably just pack a couple fo finger puppets and the beloved Color Wonder markers, plus, of course, the DVD player–and call it good. Next time.
Airplane travel hits for the four-year-old:
Pixter. Second only to the DVD player. Expensive, but worth it.
Toy cell phone.
Color wonder markers and an activity book.
Those little sticks you dip in the fake cheese.
Airplane travel hits for the fourteen-month-old:
Toy cell phone.
Folding ruler in a bag that zips. In, out. In, out.
Finger puppets.
Color wonder markers and plain paper.
Stickers that popped out of a little plastic roll.
Two favorite books.
Color wonder finger paints. Big mistake. Big.
Toy “Palm pilot”
Kazoos (actually, the kids liked the kazoos…

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  1. Griffon says:

    I read your article in this month’s Mothering magazine. I’m due September 23. Looking forward to visiting your site often!