Watching the build-up the Rose Bowl made me remember one of my favorite techniques for handling the many, and nearly always male, detectives and cops I worked with in the NYC District Attorney’s office. My boyfriend/husband was an ESPN addict, and although I had no trouble tuning out SPorts Night, some of it invariably sunk in–and it went farther to create a rapport than anything I could have done short of growing a penis and turning Irish. If I were there in the morning, for example, I’d shrug off So Cal as overrated, with a too pretty offense getting everyone al worked up. They may win, I’d say, but there’s no way they’re the best college team ever. And the cops, stunned and impressed, would take it from there. Once you show a little knowledge you can totally get by with just nodding, since they do like to listen to themselves talk.
I’m sure they were more complicated at home…well, no, I’m not. I do know this will never work in my home. My guy knows my secrets (although I don’t think he knows that my willingness to dump a perfectly good drink on the floor was the secret to my stunning ability to hold my liquor…)
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  1. JK says:

    I didn’t know about the dumping the drink trick of yours. Or if I did, I’d forgotten… It’s a great trick… I’ll have to teach all 3 of mine that trick. Oh geez… the fun I have to look forward to… 3 of them… dating, drinking, etc…. YIKES.

    Talking technology (not sports) was my secret weapon for gaining respect in the male dominated world. The other trick I have is my indepth knowledge of star trek and other sci-fi. Knowing tech and sci-fi helps a lot in the Silicon Valley, the land of the geek, but I can see how sports would be much more useful in a NY PD.

  2. Caryn says:

    That’s hilarious! I’ve done similar things, though not with sports–just make a few statements and let others take it from there, thinking you know more than you do. Could work with literature, art, anything. I think everyone assumes I know more about mountain biking than I do because my husband and brother are really into it, so I get the instant cred. If only they knew.

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