What Moms Eat

Yesterday we ate lunch in the grocery store cafe. My planned lunch: an avocado roll and some sliced pineapple. The lunch I ended up eating: 1/2 box of chocolate-flavored graham crackers shaped like bunnies in the car on the way home. Wyatt had to be nursed, Lily had to sit in my lap and unroll the avocado from the rice and squish it and I had to be constantly vigilant so that my over-stimulated spawn didn’t run the other eaters right out of the eating area.
In the past three days I’ve eaten three bunny-shaped meals. After I finished the chocolate box I moved on to a box of whole wheat bunnies. As food that comes in boxes go, they’re not bad, but they aren’t exactly a balanced meal, either, and no meal at all to a starving nursing mom.
This is only just becomin a problem for me. I don’t usually nibble off their plates because they eat using the search and destroy method, and I don’t eat their snacks because 1) I don’t really like goldfish crackers and 2) I really don’t like previously licked goldfish crackers. I do like bunny crackers, but they haven’t really presented much temptation until recently.
What’s changed? We just got that much busier. On the off chance that I am sitting down at home, I’m nursing. Nursing just one kid isn’t condusive to eating anything that’s not packaged and convenient. Nursing two at once, as sometimes happens, isn’t condusive to eating at all. Sometimes the only time I have a free hand is when I’m driving, and I have renewed appreciation for dinner via the drive-thru window–but in our world, the nearest one is a twenty-minute drive in the wrong direction.
What am I going to do about it? I’m going to try to make a healthy meal for me as much of a priority as one for Lily or Sam (after all, it IS a meal for Wyatt!). I’m going to take the bunnies out of the car (maybe. Or at least baggie up a serving like I do for the kids. One box is not a serving.)And I’m going to cut myself some slack as long as this is temporary–and as long as my pants still fit!

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  1. KJ says:

    Checking out the comments area. There have been problems, but I’m all updated now. Let me know if you can’t comment–kjATRaisingdevilsDOTHEREcom.

  2. chelle says:

    Baby carrots….I lived off baby carrots for a long time. I would pack a few a few bags and snack on the go!

    For as long as I can remember your comments take me to an error screen ?!?!? But always saved ?!?!?!

  3. chelle says:

    No Error Screen w00t w00t!

  4. Mom101 says:

    At least you PLAN the good lunches in the first place. I rarely even get that far. (And your 31-flavors site design isn’t heping the matter. Suddenly I’ve got a hankering for peanut butter and chocolate for lunch tomorrow.)

  5. Manic Mom says:

    I loathe Goldfish. Loathe them. They suck, don’t they?

  6. Yolanda says:

    I had to keep the annie’s chocolate bunnies out of the house because I’d be too tempted to eat half a box. I’ve learned to only buy them snacks that I’m not tempted to mess with. Hope you find your happy medium for the nursing and trying to eat healthy- the only thing that’s worked so far for me has been making dh grill a bunch of stuff that I can just pop into the microwave during the week. Oh and smoothies, lots and lots of smoothies.

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