In Praise of Wyatt (Why not?)

OK, Wyatt is exceptional. And in the interest of bringing everyone around to my way of thinking, let me just share some of the cute and brilliant things he’s said in the past couple of days–two weeks shy of his second birthday (because there’s nothing more fascinating than stories about the cute things my kid said, is there?)
He and Lily were playing Hide and Seek. He found her, and there was much giggling, and he said “I thought you were hidin’ upstairs!”
I mean, think about the thought process there–not to mention the grammar.
Tonight Rob washed his face, and in protest he said “It’s hot!” Rob told him no, it’s not hot. He thought for a minute. “It’s warm!”
I can’t even remember all the things he says every day that make my mind boggle (the real reason I’m writing a couple down). And every night he nurses, and I say “other side nursey?” and he says “Yes. Then cribity.” And we switch sides, and I sing our special version of down by the station, in which the puffer-belllies have lunch, play all day, and then go off to sleep. And I say “last one (meaning verse) and then cribity” and he stops nursing and says “otay.” And usually he means it.

While I’m offering up a few choice moments from the day, a neighbor stopped by with a much-desired bag of hand-me-downs for Lily. (We have plenty of boy hand me downs, but she does like her girly stuff to go with it). She was thrilled–so thrilled that I had to sit down with her as she sorted through the whole bag, desperately spiriting away all the size 5s for later use. I didn’t get them all, a few extremely desirable items–as well as a large (and very cute) selection of summer dresses) remain.

But the prize of the collection was a turquoise Care Bear costume. I would never have guessed that she could identify a Care Bear, but I was wrong. I’m sure if we were better educated, I could tell you which one. It has a moon on its belly. Wyatt is deeply, deeply grieved not to have his own.

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