Wyatt is Two!

Today is his official birthday, which we marked with a cake from Lou’s, balloons and a few presents–what Lily called “the family party, because nobody else is coming.”

He’s a delight, a fabulous kid. In fact, I’m enjoying them all even more than ever, maybe because with the end of skiing season I’ve been able to return to working more, maybe because they’re getting bigger…who knows why, but things are good! And spring is near. Outside play, days without boots, eventually without coats–ok, let’s start small–without mittens! It’s going to be much easier.

Pictures later of the big day (and there are two parties to follow…we don’t take birthdays lightly around here!)

One Response to “Wyatt is Two!”

  1. JK says:

    Happy Birthday Wyatt! I was going to call today, but now it’s late there and the girls are still up… No one napped today… It was just one of those crazy days. I did think of Wyatt many times and I can’t believe he’s two!!!

    xoxo to Wyatt.