So. Tired.

The real trouble with the whole quarantine thing is that it sucked a lot of the adventure right out of us. We’re tired. We’ve eaten a lot of things we might not otherwise have eaten. We’ve hung out together. We’ve talked to people. We’ve been stared at. And now we are ready to resume our normally scheduled programming, but we still have a week of travel to go.

Rory is adjusting well. She kind of collapsed today and took an exhausted nap, and I’m not so sure she was super glad to see us when she woke up, but she seems determined to make the best of it. We also discovered that she likes to ride in a stroller (we brought two old umbrellas) which is helping on the running thing–we just worry about traffic, and at night in the park–about which more later–there are crowds.

I’ve done a lot of mental mocking about people who say they ate Western food in China, or that certain cities were boring. But we are eating Western food–and Korean food, and other food–because anything gets a little old after a while. And while bored’s not the right word, we’re ready to leave Fuzhou. It’s just not set up to amuse tourists…Beijing was better, and I’m already wishing I’d done more shopping.

7 Responses to “So. Tired.”

  1. Praying from PA says:

    Hang in there! We’re all praying for you and your family to have no more obstacles on this journey. You have come a long way, don’t give up now. You can do more shopping once your in GZ. I also hated that the coordinators were always in a rush- Enjoy this journey as much as you can and just keep loving all over your children.

    Praying from PA

  2. Lynette says:

    Don’t worry about shopping in Province! Province time is bonding time and rest time. Once you get to GZ there is much better shopping!

  3. Deb Keating says:

    GZ is THE place to shop in China. Don’t worry, you will find everything you want to buy at a good price in GZ.

  4. ruth in NZ says:

    Hi I stumbled across your blog!
    I would love to hear more about your placement once your home!
    I loved shopping in Beijing especially the Silk market. I found it much more fun that GZ however we left via Beijing and arrived via GZ and had a 7 hour train ride before our adoption with 2 children so shopping wasn’t as much of a priority there!
    If you can find fans, Calligraphy in province buy them there as they do mean so much more. We bought fans and now have them as Art work on our wall the girls love them!
    Hugs Ruth

  5. ellen says:

    You might want to contact Ann at Red Thread for shopping help in Guangzhou. People love her and she’ll take you off the beaten path. I think you can do lots of shopping there. How is the ShangriLa?

  6. shirley says:

    You guys are doing great. I know what you mean about the guide there in province – we had her in 2007 – she is way serious. We just had to slow her down at times because sometimes she reaalllly rushed us at an uncomfortable pace – nothing like having your cart with child in it dragged thru Walm*rt in Fuzhou at a run! You are almost done – yippee – and Guangzhou is tons better with lots and lots to do and shop. I bought nothing in province but a handmade dress – don’t worry for that – Fujian is known for tea and laquerware – buy some Lipton – hee hee! I would say don’t sweat it but I was there in July that year – yikes it was hot. Take care.

  7. JK says:

    I am sorry you are tired. When do you get home? Enjoy your time with Rory. Is she with you all the time now?