Apparently We Won’t Be Invited to Dinner

I was just reading Brain, Child, and came across a little offhand comment from a mother of three:

Another child would … tip us over into another category: that of the Big Family, the sort that, dispite how well-behaved the children are or how fantastic the wife’s guacamole she brings over, simply entails too big a crowd

I hadn’t exactly thought of Rory as a social liability…

I really do make good guacamole.

3 Responses to “Apparently We Won’t Be Invited to Dinner”

  1. G. Silva says:

    Do people really go around judging each other’s families as “one child too big”? I admit that if I started seeing a preponderance of 10-child families, I’d worry about the state of the environment, but that’s mostly because the Cape is currently really struggling with the issue of development. (We’re trying not to become Long Island… not that there’s anything wrong with Long Island.)

    Speaking of which, are you coming this way anytime soon?

  2. JK says:

    I would love your guacamole recipe!

    I feel that with 3 kids, we are somewhat of a “social liability” especially to our friends with no kids…I can’t worry about it too much though because, I like our 3. And with 5 people, we are almost a full-blown party in and of ourselves, and that’s good for me.

    I think that as the kids get older, the number of them doesn’t matter as much. I think as the kids get older, and eventually, when they are all grown up with their own spouses, and eventually kids, it will be EVEN more fun, because, by then, we will be a FULL-BLOWN party.


  3. Lisen says:

    Yep. We don’t get invited over for meals nearly as often anymore. But we do have other friends with 4 kids, and they’re usually willing to get together. So, you are officially invited to dinner any ol’ time you want to drive up here!