Retraction: Tough Questions Should Always Be Asked

At the end of the next post I talk about a tough question posed by a friend (and maybe it shouldn’t be a tough question–more like a tough one to really think about). I said I thought I shouldn’t even ask myself that. I was wrong. The tough questions–even the ones that won’t change–are exactly the ones we should always ask ourselves. The short answer to mine is no. I’ll try to get to the long answer later this weekend.

2 Responses to “Retraction: Tough Questions Should Always Be Asked”

  1. Shelley says:

    I so understand. I followed your time and adventures and adventures in China. This book is written by an e-friend. When I was in the midst of asking and answering these types of tough questions, this is what I needed to hear. I really hope that I haevn’t offended – just wanted to share something that I wish had been offered to me. If it helps, then great, if not, then don’t worry about it. 🙂

  2. Marie-Claude Gagnon says:

    The tough questions have to be asked by others maybe, but mostly by us, to us. But reality is that we do not have a lot of time on our hands to think. Three years ago we placed in China another file for another baby girl. LID: 10/26/2006. In 2006, the wait was about 18 months. Well 3 years later and nooooo end in sight, this summer we asked ourselves the tough questions. Do we want another baby at 50 (my husband and me at two years). Our oldest will be 14 and Chinese treasure 7! It was a long thoughtfull process, but we will drop out of the waiting list and cherish the family we have now. We will cherish the girls we have and have grow in hopefully great adults. Our job as parents is not done, and this is so personal, another couple might have done differently, but basically, we do our best. All of us. Keep faith. You’ll get through it.