Help another Adoptive Family

Send a letter, help a family:
Friends over at Guo Ji Famiglia have been working to bring their little girl home from Guatemala for over three years now (yes, you read that right). She’s legally theirs, and in every way–they’ve been taking care of her from afar for years. Guatemala has been all over the case, and the biological mother has come to court to say, in person, that yes–she wants her daughter to be adopted by this family. A few months ago Guatemala issued the little girl a new birth certificate–our friends are now her parents.

And the United States government won’t let them bring her home.

You can read the entire saga on their blog, and you can click here for two easy letters you could send that might help. Really easy. You don’t even have to look up anyone’s name or address, which is what always stops me when someone says “write your Congressperson.” (I know, and I’m supposedly all political. Don’t tell anyone.)

I never do this–in fact, I’ve never done it before–but if you can spare two stamps, two minutes and two pieces of paper with printer ink–send these.

2 Responses to “Help another Adoptive Family”

  1. Jon C Dell'Antonia says:

    Letters may help, can not hurt. Even better, I would suggest they go in person to visit their Congresaman or Senator and ask for assistance. If they can not meet directly with either of them, at least their office staff can get in touch with their congress person and help them.

  2. Lisen says:

    Thanks KJ! And to the comment above, we have been in contact w/ our rep’s and senators since the beginning of June when the Embassy told us they planned on denying our I-600 approval. No congresspeople can do much of anything when DHS is involved. But…the letters might be working. See my blog for details. Thanks again, KJ!!


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