On Double X Today

Is giving to art and cultural charites moral when 24,000 kids die every day from easily preventable, poverty-related causes like diarrhea and pneumonia? Discuss. But on DoubleX, please, not here!

2 Responses to “On Double X Today”

  1. G. Silva says:

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    I’m saving the world with Audubon and IFAW so all the children who do survive every year will have a planet to live on. They’ll need some art and history, too. Some do-gooders have to focus on quality-of-life issues while the others are handling survival rate issues. It takes all kinds. What good is a world that’s full of humans but devoid of culture and nature?

  2. G. Silva says:

    Argh, that was not supposed to be a smiley face. WordPress interprets ASCII incorrectly.