A Halloween Book that looks like us.

I know my kids’ books–I co-authored a book about them, and I review
them for DoubleX–but I have to admit that the advent of Rory has made
me more aware of race in the pictures. That’s not really true–I was
always aware–but more appreciative of books that look like us, and
the Biscuit books–while not always my favorite, because they tend
somewhat towards the inane–are good that way. The relationship
between Biscuit’s owner and Puddles’ owner isn’t clear, but they seem
to be cousins. It’s never commented on, it’s just in the
illustrations, but I like that.
KJ Dell’Antonia
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2 Responses to “A Halloween Book that looks like us.”

  1. shirlee says:

    Love that! Now, if someone would just illustrate a story with a little blonde, blue-eyed Asian kid, I’d be content with kids’ book selections.

  2. ellen says:

    kj, the link isn’t working to bring me to the title & author of book – can you post that? thanks!