Playing Family

Lily, Rory and Wyatt are devotedly and cooperatively playing an enthusiastic game of family with Rory’s doll house. (“Special for me!” but she lets them play. Sometimes.) So far I’ve heard the children go for an airplane ride, someone prepare dinner and ask how a school day was, a very convincing crying baby (that caused Rob to worriedly consider a rescue, but I was pretty sure it was faux, and I was right) and now, some kind of building.

The amazing thing is that Wy and Rory were doing it BEFORE Lily joined in–she’s usually the guiding force in this as well as the–well, I won’t say peacemaker. More like the peace broker. They have another five minutes before the bedtime clock strikes, but if they keep this up, they might score ten.

Poor Sam is rocking a pretty solid chunk of homework tonight.

2 Responses to “Playing Family”

  1. Lisen says:

    That sounds blissful. Chloe was in full on attack mode today yet Ali continued to be drawn to her. Does she enjoy little finger n ails digging into her flesh and magnetic letters dinging off her forehead!?!?

    I cannot wait until they talk to each other enough to play pretend together.