What I Thought Kids Were Like

What I Thought Kids Were Like

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Before I had them. This may be one of the reasons I struggled so long
with actually having them.
It also took a really long time to get them to this point–lots of
initial direction in getting the new puzzle together, I mean. Rory, in
particular, still prefers to have you hand her two pieces that go
together. But she is to the point where I can give her a chunk–as in,
here is the sun! Put the sun together! Now work on the cow–which is
so much better. Two weeks ago, when we started this puzzle jag (we all
like puzzles, and it’s been a good thing that I am happy to sit down
and do with them most times), she would literally pick up two random
pieces, have a go, yell "that not working!" and try to walk away.
(That was with the puzzles with the small pieces, like this one, not
the bigger, easier ones.) Now she knows what to expect, and she, Wyatt
and Lily can even sit down and work out a 60 piecer, or even a 100
they’ve done a few times, together, especially if Sam sits down too.

I love puzzles. They cultivate patience, perserverance, spatial
skills. Working together. Keeping track of things. Plus, they’re easy
to store and recyclable and nearly always cheap.

We’ve only managed one of the ones that takes more than one night
once–we lose the pieces. Maybe when everyone is older and less likely
to scoop pieces of the table for the dog to eat.

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  1. too funny….that is what Yao Yao always says, “that not working!” and with a stomp of her foot she walks away:)