On Books

Sam likes Tin Tin. And that is it, that is what Sam likes to read, Tin Tin. He liked to be read to–almost anything, and most especially Harry Potter. But to read to himself he likes…Tin Tin. So tonight I took him to the bookstore, put him on one side of the shelves and me on another. We would gather lots of books, I said, and he could read the first pages, and see what he liked. And I gathered–oh, the most amazing stack.  The Hobbit. The Saturdays. A Wrinkle in Time. The Moffats. Danny the Champion of the World. Half Magic.

And I went around to his side, and found him laying on the floor reading…Tin Tin. And I persuaded him up, and couldn’t he just try–he could have a new Tin Tin, but couldn’t he just try the other books? 

And we went and we sat, and every time I looked up, guess what Sam was reading. 

Clearly I should just let it be. Eventually (rather soon, I think) there will be no more Tin Tins to read, and one way or another, he’ll move on.  But he likes to read, and I just want him to find something that really grabs him…

Ok, he has, he has.

Maybe The Hardy Boys?

One Response to “On Books”

  1. Lisen says:

    Something in him is really connecting with Tin Tin right now! Maybe the flow of words is comfortable to read or maybe it’s the actual story line. He will be your resident expert on Tin Tin! Wy’s in a reading rut like that too right now w/ Jessica Harper’s Uh Oh, Cleo. He only has the first one and he has read it three times while not-so-patiently waiting to see if Santa pulls through with more Uh Oh, Cleo books. We celebrate St. Nicholas Day (thanks to the Scandinavian side of my heritage) so I think St. Nick will have to bring the next Uh Oh, Cleo book: Underpants on My Head so poor Wy can get out of the same book over and over.

    Glad you’re feeling better!