Great Accomplishments

Today I shall accomplish great things, many many great things. And in honor of those things, I will post them here, to share, as the day goes by. I have already accomplished the first:

  1. Laundry Basket Reclamation. When we returned from China, in July, I put all the things we acquired there into a laundry basket and sat it on the dog crate in our bedroom (which, as you can gather from that statement, is a very relaxing and well-designed affair, suitable for magazine pages). I just emptied it. Anybody want some chopsticks, inexplicably packaged in silken pouches?
  2. Laundry:  Sorted and started. (Lily helped sort.)
  3. Dinner in slow cooker.
  4. Dishwasher: Emptied and re-loaded. In performing this last task, and several to come, I run into a difficulty. The mere fact of me, standing in the kitchen, causes children to experience a hunger unrelated to appetite. It is the hunger for me to do something, anything, for them instead of what I am am doing, because if I am in the kitchen, why else would I be there? They need applesauce. Goldfish. Pretzels, sliced apples, “budder, not that budder, that budder” (that would be peanut butter). 
  5. Iced coffee concentrate (a NOLA thing we do, even in the winter, because a) we are weird, b) we don’t have room on the counter for a coffee maker and c) I make lousy coffee) strained into containers.
  6. Deviled eggs for my lunch, prepared and all consumed by children. New eggs, boiling.
  7. More deviled eggs. All eaten.
  8. Laundry
  9. Laundry
  10. Laundry
  11. Pretzel-baking activity successfully done with kids and one playdate.
  12. Snowshoed with friend, Sam and door.
  13. Playroom cleaned (by kids).
  14. Dinner served. Team Sam and Rory “did” dishes. 
  15. Package to world’s best hotel duty manager that I’ve been meaning to send for over two months sealed and ready with address.
  16. Picture printer set up on desk.
  17. Did I say laundry?
  18. Art project from playdate cleaned up by Lily.
  19. Lego project from playdate cleaned up by Lily.
  20. Lily’s brand-new hot pink skull and crossbones pjs washed as promised! But alas, not dried. Sorry Lily.
  21. Put out Rory and Wyatt’s clothes for week. Meant to tell Lily to do hers, but Lily and Rory often match, and I forgot and got hers out too.
  22. Instructed Sam to do own clothes. Found after he went to bed that he had not done so. Did part of it. I know, I know. Baby steps.
  23. Restored bedroom to pristine state of soothing….oh, who am I kidding. I didn’t finish this one. I did get as far as is easy for me to get, with a soothing, if dusty, large dresser and a complete and exciting absence of plastic crates. 
  24. All that remains is lunch prep, and I feel like a girl who had a successful day. 

I am so not ready for tomorrow, to be honest. I had a good break, enjoyed the kids (an absolute first) and don’t really feel the need for it to end. Plus I’m a little overwhelmed and daunted by my coming work schedule. Excited, but nervous about taking on new gigs and such. Tomorrow I organize ALL THAT.

One Response to “Great Accomplishments”

  1. Lisen says:

    Okay, I am intrigued by “put out clothes for the week.” Do they really wear what they put out days ahead of time? Where do you/they PUT the clothes out?