Organization, continued

Ok, so I love systems, and getting organized. I also love staying organized, so once I find something that works, I do stay with it. Last year, I realized that Lily had a really hard time getting dressed in the morning. She just couldn’t decide, and couldn’t cope with deciding, so we decided to put her clothes out the night before. Which she also couldn’t cope with. She would change her mind, or need tights, or just in general begin to melt. Meanwhile, Sam’s matching skills were iffy, and his ability to remember that he needed a collared shirt dubious, and Wyatt was two, and me–not at my best in the morning. 

So I bought four five-shelf hanging organizers, and moved an old portable coat rack thing into their bathroom upstairs and hung them from it (picture a kind of half-sized open closet. We have lots of room but no storage in our house, so I had space for this, and not much else would have worked.) Each has a slot for each day of the week, and yes, I fill them every Sunday, and yes, generally, they wear what I put out. Or they switch it themselves, without help from me–and it’s clear what to switch–different shirt, or socks, or whatever. Much easier, apparently, than gathering a whole outfit. This worked beautifully at the end of the year last year, and Lily and Sam would even dress Wyatt, saving me much angst.

This year, Rob has conceded that I am even less of a morning person than he is and begun to pretty much cover mornings. Rory isn’t much of a morning person, either, and I think he’s been having to go up and get her dressed about half the time, maybe more–but there the clothes are, so it’s easy, and if she CAN face doing it herself, or getting a big sib to help, it’s do-able.

I’m solo tonight, so we’ll see how well the system is evolving in the morning. Otherwise, I’m fully prepped–breakfast set up, lunches ready to load, my gear packed, Sam’s nordic gear for tomorrow (and mine too) packed–he can do that, but there won’t be a minute to lose in the am. Which reminds me, I need to move the toothbrushing alarm back a few minutes. We’ll be cutting it too tight as it is.

Are other people’s lives this complicated?

3 Responses to “Organization, continued”

  1. G. Silva says:

    My life is not that complicated, but then, I only have one kid. I will never have four. I can tell you now, it’s not gonna happen. (For one thing, we can’t afford that many adoption fees.)

  2. Paula says:

    My life is not that complicated but it gets a bit crazy; I cannot imagine how crazy it would be if I had 4. I like schedules. Jason started wrestling and I put all the practices, meets and tournaments on our calendar. Coach says at a practice that he wants all the middle school wrestlers which Jason is to go to a high school meet the next day. Sorry, we have plans, it doesn’t get over until after 10 pm on a school night and I have a 4 year old even if I did want my 11 year old out that night. Fine. Last night he says there’s a tournament he’d like us to go to on Sunday. DH is working and I’m not getting my 4 year old up and ready for church at 5 am so that I can get Jason to the tournament on time (an hour away), go to church and wait by the phone for him to say it’s over (lasts 4-5 hours). If it’d been on the original schedule, DH could have gotten a swap but it’s too late now. Plus, I don’t really like Jason missing Sunday School and church. Jason’s pretty independent so when it comes to getting ready in the morning, he’s pretty much on his own while I get Jess and myself ready.

  3. we are alot alike…our families, hating mornings and attempting to create solace amongst the storm with systems. i too JUST started the pick 5 outfits on sunday night system. so far great..i’m just terrible at continuing:)

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