Rory is So SAD.

Rory is So SAD.

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Wyatt was invited to a birthday party, and Rory…was not. Neither was
Lily, but that is ok by her. Rory, in the other hand, is very upset.
She even had Wyatt convinced to skip the party and come home to play
Mario Wii with her…until I decreed the afternoon a Wii free zone and
freed him up to go to the party.
She cried all the way there…fortunately the party hosts couldn’t
understand her, in part because she was crying so hard. (I didn’t want
them to feel obligated to invite her.) and Wyatt seemed pleased to go,
and even to be left, even though these were not close friends.
I actually worry that people won’t invite them to things for exactly
this reason. I know we get bumped off party lists because there ate
just so many of us. I hate the idea of one if them not making a party
list because a parent felt like they had to do all three (or all
four.) But I admit to doing something similar on occasion.
Well, we are at the grocery store, Rory is recovering with the help of
a whopee pie, and Wyatt is getting a special place to be all by
himself, and all, for the moment, is right with our world.

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2 Responses to “Rory is So SAD.”

  1. Kelly Morant says:

    Lovely post actually despite Rory feeling sad… because kids should have their own friends and thats okay, and Rory will soon be invited where Wyatt isn’t. You sound so on top of things now!

    Happy New Year



  2. shirlee says:

    Rory is so cute. Even when she is sad.

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