Rory, Anxious but Coping

We’re visiting my parents, much loved by all kids including Rory–but she’s never been to their house before. And we haven’t stayed overnight anywhere besides our house since we went to the Cape last summer–a place which offers many, many consolation prizes for not being home, and where Rob was with us. Here, no pool, and no Rob either. Rory is doing really well–too well, some of the time, tearing around shrieking and jumping on the sofa–but she’s also sucking that thumb, way more than ever before. I’ve actually never seen her suck her thumb other than in the few seconds before she falls asleep (she literally falls asleep about seventeen seconds after she closes her eyes and pops the thumb in) but here we’re seeing the thumb during daylight hours, so I’m guessing someone’s a little nervous. But she’ll be fine, and fine, as in with another tough first under her belt. Overall, a good thing.

One Response to “Rory, Anxious but Coping”

  1. Wuxi Mommy says:

    This is kind of interesting. Our SuSu stayed overnite for the first time without us over the weekend (we’ll be home a year next month) at my parents’ place. She adores them and has been begging us to let her stay overnite. The next morning, she really regressed in her behaviors and generally was very sad. I think that, even though she and my Mom are really close, being away from home at nite must have triggered some strong emotions from her.