Rainy snowy happy Saturday

I just want to say that I truly believe this was the first rainy saturday I have spent wholly at home with no real plans and no big activities since Sam was born, so almost nine years ago,that I haven’t wanted to rip my one arm off and beat myself to death with it by dinnertime.
Around here that counts as a good day.

I am not ignoring the question of whether I got flak for the slate article–I just don’t have time to respond fully, other than, most of the flak I got, and the stuff that was hardest to deal with,was totally from ME.
I do want to say more about my thoughts for keeping Rory feeling loved and secure in spite of an always present and googlable article saying there was a time in our lives that I didn’t love
Her. (there is also, somewhere, harder to find, an article about how much I resented lily when she was first born for coming between me and sam, so it’s not like there isn’t some precedent), but I want to think a little more fully about it first. I mean, theres what I wrote, and then there Re all of our blogs, and I am all for honestly on all of them–and they stay, you know, it’s hard to make a blog go totally away. Lots of us have left a record of imperfect love behind. So, more on that at a later date.

2 Responses to “Rainy snowy happy Saturday”

  1. guest says:

    I think comparing yourself to Torry Hansen was a mistake; Artyem Saviliev could easily have turned into Alexandra Austin (documentary “Return to Sender”). You obviously love your kids, and it was better expressed in your blog post, “I Want Rory to Go Back to China! I Hate Rory!” I especially liked how you comforted Rory with “I’ll always come find you. You will always find me and I will always find you, and we will all be together always.”

  2. shirlee says:

    I’d been wondering.