Perfectly Happy

Perfectly Happy

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At least until the ride home!

That’s Lily playing soccer, very happily, in the rain. Today was a big deal for her–although she’s played hockey for two years, it’s always been overshadowed by Sam’s play. He doesn’t do soccer, and today, the whole family had to load up and go–for her sake, not his. We have attended so many games and practices and pick ups–it’s always come on! we have to take Sam! We have to get Sam! Sam has a game! etc–

But not today. Today it was Lily. Let’s get Lily settled! We have to get Lily’s gear, we have to watch Lily, we have to wait for Lily, even Sam is here to watch Lily.

She would have played in a hurricane.

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One Response to “Perfectly Happy”

  1. Lisen says:

    Go Lily! I wish we had spring soccer. Kid baseball is booooooring. I’m happy for Lily that she will have some time in the family spotlight.