Annals of Guilt-Inducing Parenting Research: Moving

Add this to the list of things that I’m apparently supposed to worry about, to which I don’t think my own parents gave more than a passing thought: Recent research results on moving during childhood show it’s harmful in the long run. Relocating parents of extroverted kids needn’t worry so much, but those who’ve spawned introverts and other “neurotic” types can add another brick to the never-ending load of guilt.
With all due respect to the idea that knowing more about the internal workings of our children’s minds can help us to help them grow, can I just point out that this is perhaps the single most useless-guilt-inducing study result I’ve ever seen?
Read more on Slate‘s XX Factor blog.

2 Responses to “Annals of Guilt-Inducing Parenting Research: Moving”

  1. Nancy Gormley says:

    Gee, thanks. Leaving on Wednesday for a new job 1000 miles away. Two kids. New schools. New life. Scarred for life.


  2. Lisen says:

    Funny that I just read this today because last night Jason and I concluded that he is so comfortable in so many extremely varied social situations because he moved to so many different schools and towns as a young child. he embraces the new and change because he grew up doing it. The researchers did not interview Jason!