How We Spent Our Day

How We Spent Our Day

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The other half is equally impressive. Sam helped willingly for 5
hours. We did say we would pay him, but we never said how much…and
he seriously never once griped. And it was HOT. I am so proud. Plus,
holy crap, look at the garage.

Of course I didn’t take a picture of the dumpster pile. Yesterday was
my birthday, and I got some lovely gifts (silverware and a shirt from
my mom, a ring from Rob (!) breakfast from the kids and a smart pen
from me…more on that later…but I am really, really excited about
my birthday dumpster.

Lily, I should say, helped too. She unknowingly babysat all day, and
couldn’t possibly have done a better job. I don’t think I will set a
precedent by paying her, tho.

KJ Dell’Antonia
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One Response to “How We Spent Our Day”

  1. Kelly says:

    Looks great! Wish we had a garage, but I know it’d get junked up and fast.

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