Kate + 8 + Palin = a Camping Trip Not to Be Missed

How is this not getting more news coverage? I know, Wikileaks has compromised the “war on terror” and oil still oozes into the gulf, with a storm bearing down on it for good measure. I know, President Obama is going on The View. But for pure newsworthy entertainment value, how did the camera crews of the world manage to miss Kate Gosselin and her 8 Goss-lings going camping with Sarah Palin?

You have to figure the shoe has yet to drop on this one. With Palin about to film her new television show, and Gosselin still filming hers, this is unlikely to be that rare event in either life that goes undocumented. I’m sure we’ll have many (heavily publicized) opportunities to enjoy the elder Palins schooling the young Gosselins in the ways of Alaska. (Will Bristol and Levi offer any bonus chastity lessons? Stay tuned.) But meanwhile, we’ll just have to hypothesize the topics of Palin-Gosselin hiking chat.

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One Response to “Kate + 8 + Palin = a Camping Trip Not to Be Missed”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Wow. Please keep me as far away from that campground as possible.