A Rory-ism

A Rory-ism

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"I got see that."
"I got look."
"Let me see!"

Rory never believes us. There’s no more, we say, as in no more chips
in the bowl or no more tea in the pot. No yogurt in the fridge. No
chocolate milk.

She never, ever takes our word for it. She trusts us in every other
way: dress her, lift her down from the counter, jump into our arms
from a brick wall, but she is eternally convinced that we might be
lying about that one thing.

I don’t think it’s really about trust, I don’t think it’s about food.
I think it’s just a Rory thing.
KJ Dell’Antonia
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2 Responses to “A Rory-ism”

  1. lol

    my daughter does the same thing! HOWEVER, so does her very “normalized” 4 year old brother.:)

    I think they do think I’m making it up…especially with snacks. To be honest, sometimes I do. lol

  2. Lisen says:

    Maybe she was from Missouri in a past life, or, don’t tell me Baba Mike is from Missouri! It is the Show Me state and that’s why that’s the state nickname. Supposedly Missourians (?) need to see it to believe it.

    I’m the same way (even though I’m from America’s Dairyland so don’t even get me started about cheese) so I understand that need to see for yourself before taking someone else’s word for it. So you probably know my feelings about religion now too. 🙂