ReEntry is hard…

We got back from vacation so late last night that there was no bedtime rountine, only bed. Tonight we had routine, only I decided to switch it up a bit: on vacation, I started reading them nightly chinks of a chapter book (The Four Story Mistake). Everyone liked it…on vacation. But now that we’re back, Rory wanted…well, I don’t know what she wanted, exactly, but suffice it to say it was not the chapter when Oliver brings out the sleds he found down cellar. She wanted to read her book aloud (that would be the boy version of The Potty Book, the one that starts “Hello, I’m Joshua’s mother, and this is Joshua.” I cannot imagine where she found it, I thought I had burned it long ago.)

She wanted to read it out loud while I was reading. She did finally agree not to do this, and I was totally fine with her looking at it while I read (of course) but then when I was done reading, she felt it was her turn to read aloud, and it wasn’t. It was lights out time.

Result: tantrum. Rob dealt. I doubt it had anything to do with the book, and everything to do with change, routine, and re-entry.

I do want to keep the chapter book going, though. Not sure how we’ll mix in the picture books. Maybe some nights Rob could read one to just Rory, and other nights I can pick one and read it, too. (because otherwise everyone wants to pick). Or maybe we can take turns picking. That might be good.

One Response to “ReEntry is hard…”

  1. Wuxi Mommy says:

    We see this with changes in routine here, too. If we’re gone a week, it usually takes SuSu twice as long to adjust being back home!