Lily’s Valentines

Lily’s valentine’s are so weirdly charming that I wish I’d taken a picture of each individual one. There’s a pillow she sewed. A spider made from an egg carton and a pipe cleaner ring. A gnome we made at Christmas. A small batch of fake flowers wrapped in felt. I guess when there are only eight kids in your class, you can go all out, and throw in a piece of our soon-to-be-famous fudge, too.

I have no idea what her teacher, or her classmates, will make of this bounty. It reminds me a little of a recent quote from a Brain, Child essay that I loved: “Just because she is weird doesn’t mean you have to treat her like she’s weird.” Of course, that child had collected a skull in the woods, and Lily has just gone all Etsy on her classmates, but I still suspect a little weirdness. (I’d link to the essay, which I loved, but it’s not on their website. Subscribe!) Lily is just full of good ideas and limited abilities, and as demonic as she can be (I think she feels a need to give Rory a run for her money), she’s so good-hearted, she really is. She loves her classmates. I hope they love her back, even the one who gets the spider.

2 Responses to “Lily’s Valentines”

  1. I have a weirdo too, in my oldest son. I really like that about they can be weird, just don’t treat them like they’re weird. I am hoping that others can appreciate his quirkiness like we do. I like her going all Etsy with her Valentines. It’s really creative!

  2. anymommy says:

    Such sweetness though. I think weird doesn’t start until eight or nine? I decree it 😉

    I adore Brain, Child.