Spring “Break”

I know, I mentioned it in passing yesterday…but it is Spring Break, and we have gone to Disneyworld, had our fantastic time, and returned home…and I am tired. Everyone needs something from me, and I am not finding as much in me as there usually is. We are keeping it very quiet here at home, very little major activity, none of the usual cooking and baking and certainly none of the cleaning (that I HAVE TO get to tomorrow), but I feel pretty drained. It’s very hard for me to keep any kind of inner balance or sense of myself without a lot of quiet and down time, and I am really accustomed to having time to myself. I can manage a snow day here or there, but a whole week turned out to be too much for me.

Which suggests that I need to adjust our summer vacation plans to allow for a few more gaps. Maybe that weekend workshop I am eying the week we come back from our vacation is more likely than I thought!

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