Happy Easter, Part two

Happy Easter, Part two

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Things I did right this year:

Four sets dye, four sets cups, LOTS of eggs.
(although Rory just said "I need more egg. She never really quite gets the idea of enjoying the process–for her, it’s a race to speed-dye the eggs, or frost the cookies, or whatever.)

Bought white eggs in the next (bigger) town over. New England hens lay brown eggs, which dye more, well, subtly.

Took this picture before Wyatt spilled his orange.

2 Responses to “Happy Easter, Part two”

  1. paula says:

    Jess could not figure out why we were getting white eggs when I always buy brown ones. She colored them but she’s not as into it as Jason was. Jason, being 12, is now too cool to dye eggs 🙁

  2. Love the eggs! Hope all is well KJ.