Gone Islandin’

We are off–we, as in me and four kids, to one Star Island, a rocky crag off the coast of New Hampshire (New Hampshire’s only island!). I’ll be attending a writer’s conference, while the kids go to a half-day camp. It’s the kind of thing that will either go fantastically, or … not. And it’s the kind of place where there’s very limited mobile phone access. Rugged, back-to-nature sort of stuff. I only hope we have a plug in our room…

I’ll probably be posting occasionally via the magic of Flickr and the iPhone (counting on that plug thing). But meanwhile I leave you with glorious summer vacation images. There’s no pool on Star Island. Good thing we got full enjoyment out of this one!

Pure delight.


Jumpers, one.

Note the well-held breath.

Jumpers two (Cannonball!)

Me--not jumping into the pool.

2 Responses to “Gone Islandin’”

  1. Cheryl M. says:

    Best of luck on the half-day camp! We put our 6mo in a float with a canopy made for babies for the first time today, and he had a BALL. He was kicking, and smiling, and trying to keep up with his big bro. It was amazing! Too bad they have to grow up so dang fast.

  2. J. says:

    hope it is good, for you and for the littles.