Secret Agent Josephine’s Books Are Here!

My longtime internet buddy Secret Agent Josephine has three new books available on Amazon for your Kindle (or better, Kindle app, because you’re gonna want color and graphics for these):

Secret Agent Josephine’s ABC’s
Secret Agent Josephine’s Colors
Secret Agent Josephine’s Numbers

She’s a fantastic artist (people used to compete to have her create an avatar for them), a fun writer and deserving of much success. Back in the day, it was kind of all about whether you blogged undercover, or under your own name, and she made a complete game of the whole anonymous blogger gig, and made it all look so much cooler than the rest of us. And, not because I’ve said all that good stuff, she’s given me a PDF of her coloring book to share, for free. Click HERE to download. (It’s just a nice PDF. Very safe.)

I have uploaded a few screen shots that will surely send you straight to Amazon:

Now you see why we all wanted her to make us an avatar. Who wouldn't want to look so cool?

For your coloring pleasure. Or your kid's. Whatever. More where this came from!

One Response to “Secret Agent Josephine’s Books Are Here!”

  1. Jerusha says:

    Oh, that is so stinkin’ cute…thanks! I love it that U is for underwear. 🙂