Win the November Big Box O’ Books!

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I did a drawing for my book drawing. This box is heavy–I’ve got 13 books stacked here to go into it. (I have to get new copies of “The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend” and “A Field Guide to Lies” because I’m giving my copy of Readers to a friend, and I want to keep A Field Guide to Lies–but it will be ready to go out next week, and full of books for reading and sharing.

You’ve probably noticed I rarely talk about a book I didn’t like—but this time, I”m slipping one I lost patience with almost immediately into the box. I didn’t like it, but the NYT reviewer did, and maybe you will too. What book was it? Ah, the only way to find out is to enter.

Entering, of course, also signs you up for the How It’s Done email, which goes out about 3 times a month, and includes a favorite book list–like this one—once a month. If you’re already on the list, you won’t get it twice (unless, of course, you use a different email, I can’t really control for that). But when you DO enter, you’ll be invited to share the link with friends who might want to enter, and hear more from me, too. Of course I know you wouldn’t want to decrease your chance of winning, so you get an extra entry if your share, and they all go into the big virtual hat at the end.

Actually I think most of you are pretty generous and would share anyway, but I forgot to cancel my paid Rafflecopter subscription this month, and this feature comes with it, so there you go. Might as well use it. Huh. You’d think I was thinking about something else last week.

Please do share the contest. I love sharing the books, but I also love … getting new people to share everything else with!

9 Responses to “Win the November Big Box O’ Books!”

  1. Cathy Erickson says:

    Love your blog!

  2. sheryl stotland says:

    love your podcast! If I win, will you really email the heavy box to Qatar? ?

  3. Joy Imboden Overstreet says:

    You may not be GREAT yet (per your daughter), but you’re on the right path. I appreciate all your work, even though my kids are well and truly grown. They will have to learn how to parent their kids the hard way as we did, by doing it.

  4. KJ says:

    Thank you :). That was a couple years ago, so maybe I’m, you know, greater now.

  5. Mary Jude Pakiela says:

    Your email was the bright spot in my inbox today!

  6. KJ says:

    Thank you so much! I love hearing that.

  7. Brian Kurtz says:

    I am a new listener for your AmWriting podcast and listening to you talk about this!

  8. KJ says:

    Cool–that’s so fun!